Eyelash Courses

Individualized private two day classes with one on one instruction from licensed instructor. Eyelash training courses start from beginners to experienced professionals to acquire the latest techniques or sharpen their skills. Each course is 16 hours.

  • Classic eyelash extension course - $600 (per student)
  • Combo eyelash extension course - $900 (per student)

All courses include the following:

  • Deluxe eyelash kit
  • Free lifetime support
  • Free lifetime refresher training

Course Agenda

    (6 hours)
  • What are Eyelash Extensions- key characteristics of core products
  • Eyelash Biology Basics- what you need to know and why
  • The 3 Levels of Decontamination- most common mistakes
  • The Client Consultation- assessing who is a good candidate, who is not, and the importance of obtaining client’s informed consent
  • Basic Principles of Lash Design
    (2 hours)
  • Hands on skill building with XLashBeauty unique teaching method.
    (30 minutes)
  • Lunch (Complimentary)
    (45 minutes)
  • Demonstration
    (30 minutes)
  • How to Safely Remove Eyelash Extensions
    (3 hours)
  • Hands-On Time with models/Performance evaluation for Certification
    (3 hours)
  • Instructor Evaluation- Student feedback- Station clean up


Please be advised that every state has its own unique regulations. In the state of Florida, you are not required to have a special eyelash extensions license however the board of Cosmetology does require a Lash Artist to have one of the following state licenses: Facialist (Esthetician), Cosmetologist, Full Specialist or a Medical License (including RN). After receiving the xLash Beauty Certificate of Completion you will be required to obtain one of the state-regulated licenses stated above before you can work professionally in the state of Florida. xLash Beauty does not permit performing eyelash extensions professionally until one of the above-stated licenses is obtained. According to the Florida department of professional regulations, a person can obtain a Facialist (Esthetician) license without a GED as long as they have reached the age of 16 years old. Please direct any questions to info@xlashbeauty.com.